About Us

Every group is unique with specific goals and challenges.  Selecting the right fundraising program, personalizing your plan, and tailoring it to suit your organization are all ways that Kleinhenn creates a customer solution for your group.
Kleinhenn takes great pride in being a central part of YOUR fundraising team.  Our approach to planning, communication, and customer service is all based on your group’s goals and needs. Our size and structure allows us to offer both individual attention AND great program selection.
In over 75 years of working with a variety of schools and other groups, we’ve learned how to make fundraisers successful.  Our business has been around long enough to adapt to trends, take advantage of new opportunities, and see what technique works!
We offer full support from start to finish.  Our team is available to address any concerns from organizers, parents, and customers.  Whether there’s a question about product descriptions or an ordering mistake, you’ll get the attention of a real live person when you call Kleinhenn.
We offer great product options with a wide variety of food and gifts.  We provide professional brochures and order forms to present these high quality, low retail price items.
Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough
Gourmet Food Programs
$1 and $2 Food Programs
Faith-Based Greeting Cards
School Supplies
Gift Wrap
Holiday Catalogue
Magazine Subscriptions