Food Programs

From popcorn to cookie dough, Kleinhenn offers a great variety of edible treats for your fundraiser!

Gifts & Wrap

Find an assortment of gifts and products for every season! Check out our quality programs here.

Holiday Shop

Before the holidays, you can hold a My Holiday Fair for your students where they can buy gifts for their friends and family.

And More

We have a wide variety of other fundraising programs to choose from including magazine subscriptions, school supplies, and $1 or $2 items!

If you need the best fundraising ideas and support for your group or school to generate the most money… look no further!

Kleinhenn Fundraising company has been working with schools and groups for over 75 years and has developed a strong reputation as an experienced partner in maximizing sales. We know exactly how to take fundraising goals and turn them into a viable reality.  Partner with Kleinhenn!

When you choose Kleinhenn Fundraising company, you don’t just get a fundraising program, you get our years of experience.  You can expect us to support your team through every step of the fundraising process with our exceptional customer service and organizational expertise.

Simple, Fun, Effective Fundraising
Our fundraising experts guide your organization every step of the way.  Our customer service team and support materials will make your fundraising programs smooth and easy from start to finish.
Kids and adults love Kleinhenn fundraisers!  With great products, program variety, and fun prizes, we help your group put the FUN back in fundraising.
Kleinhenn offers excellent service, quality products, incentives, and support materials.  We partner with your organization to provide the experience and support you need to meet your financial goals.
Neosho High School FCCLA, Neosho, MO
Everything is here to hand to the students. Most are reporting how fast it was returned.  Awesome job!  I love working with you all so much!
Judy Ford, Hobart, IN
Our childcare program has been partnering with Kleinhenn company for many years for our fundraising needs.  We receive many phone calls for other fundraising companies but we chose to remain with Kleinhenn because of their wonderful customer service. 
Midwest Fundraising Company for Sports Teams

Planning Your Fall Fundraisers

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Best Food Fundraisers

When hosting food fundraisers, we often struggle to come up with perfect ideas for what items to sell. We want something popular, creative, and easy

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Why Choose a Local Indiana Fundraising Company?
Midwest & Indiana fundraising company, Kleinhenn, is your go-to company when it comes to midwest fundraising companies.  With over 70 years of experience, this Indiana Fundraising company knows what it takes to make the most money in your fundraiser.

Groups of all kinds, and especially schools use Kleinhenn fundraising programs year after year because of the guidance and customer support that their team gives to school volunteers, teachers, and parents.  Their fundraising representatives in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky, and throughout the midwest give your elementary school or student group personal attention.  Often Klienhenn fundraising representatives will visit the school to help with your fundraiser kick-off event.

When choosing which fundraiser to use, why not pick one close to your community?  An Ohio fundraising company or Illinois fundraising company can’t be beat in customer service by someone across the country.  Midwest fundraisers reach a unique audience of people too!  Having a local expert on your side is the best way to make the most money for your program!

Whether you’re in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Columbus, Cincinnati, St. Louis, or Louisville, you want a fundraising company that will stick with you from start to finish of your fundraiser.

Best School Fundraisers
The best school fundraisers are those in which the students and parents get involved. The key is planning easy school fundraisers that require fewer volunteers and are well-planned.  Our team at Kleinhenn Fundraising company can help you plan a profitable school fundraiser every step of the way!

When you’re looking for companies that do fundraising, it can be hard to find the right one.  At Kleinhenn Fundraising, we promise you that our team of fundraising experts will help you plan the most profitable fundraiser possible.  We come up with tons of unique school fundraising ideas for elementary schools, middle schools, and high school groups every year and our team takes pride in helping our clients have successful school fundraisers in the fall, winter, and spring!