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Gift Wrap and Accessory Fundraiser
Gift Wrap and Accessory Fundraiser
Gift Wrap and Accessory Fundraiser
Spring Wonders
Cookie Dough Fun
Gourmet Cookie Dough Fundraiser
Family Delights
Family Delights
Graceful Greetings
Graceful Greetings

Welcome to Kleinhenn Fundraising

If you are looking for the best fundraising ideas for your group or school that will generate the most money... then look no further. Kleinhenn Fundraising has been working with schools and groups for over 70 years and has developed a strong reputation as being an experienced partner when it comes to raising necessary funds.. We know exactly how to take fundraising ideas and turn them into a reality and an exciting time for the kids too! Here are a few of the fundraising programs that we offer:

  • Gift Brochure Fundraisers
  • Cookie Dough Fundraisers
  • Time Magazines included in our Gift Brochures

Kleinhenn Service

When you choose Kleinhenn Fundraising, you don’t just get help you get our years of experience -- you can expect us to handle every step of the fundraising process. Raising money is just part of it; we will provide you with more helpful services including:

  • We create customized letters to parents
  • We construct and assemble your brochure packets
  • We do all data entry and order reconciliation
  • We box all orders individually by student
  • We provide Customer Direct Delivery Service

If anyone has a question or problem with their order they call US directly.